The new Kinta collection breathes the atmosphere of winter time. We are experimenting with new shapes  – as with our candleholders and recycled materials such as paper pulp, capiz and wood chips. The colors for this autumn are soft blue and green, a palette of earthy tones, pastels in combination with gold and black as an accent.


Natural colors like olive green in combination with mint and jade together form an almost foggy, soft pallet. Green and blue are combined, a strong reference to water and nature. Our new ceramics, including tea cups and espresso cups in the colors mustard, black, Celadon and gray, together form an almost abstract painting of a landscape full of poetry. Our mosaic line of capiz in different shades, means a feast of light. Especially with the votives.


Good to combine with all our existing coffee and tea cups is Kinta’s new cake plate. You only have to bake the cake. A real eyecatcher are our marbled cups in mustard and blue. A beautiful line game unfolds on these unique cups.


Another special feature of our new natural appearance is our Filter line. Products that exude luxury and exclusivity through their color and design. The colors are pronounced warm – the name earthy is perhaps even more appropriate -. Aubergine in combination with mustard, sienna, rozy and gray. Our candleholders the snake and the sandglass, are new shapes that you can easily combine with the existing Kinta candleholders. Also new in our Filter line are the embossed diamond bowls, very sophisticated handicraft.


Contrast is the theme of our new black ceramic line. A black matte outside with a shiny colored inside in three colors: black/greyed mint, black/mustard and black/blue. In these products there is an exciting interaction between shine and matt, dark and light. In addition to the cups and plates, we also bring Japanese bowls, very refined and well combined with our Japanese plates of acacia.


What was missing in our ceramics line was a matte black teapot. Here, there is now. Totally matching with the current black ceramic products. We also introduce a modern designed fruit bowl on foot, an exquisite plateau to serve something special. Like every year we come with a new line of capiz pulp articles. The combination of paper and capiz creates a beautiful glittering material. Recycled but very chic. Vases, lamps and trays of this material combine perfectly with the new line of ceramics.


Paco is a type of fruit that is eaten in the Philippines, but now also an important theme in the Kinta Christmas collection, which has a Scandinavian character this year: white capiz pulp Christmas balls and decorations. Origami-like shapes, very detailed and finished with a red bead and a cool red ribbon of suede. Beautiful on all sides. New is also the fluffy Christmas ball from capiz, which looks like a snowball. Beautiful in the tree in combination with our marbled white gold capiz Christmas balls.


Eyecatchers in our collection are these new types of decorations. A layered decoration of capiz shells, made in different shapes and inspired by nature in the winter season. Capiz stars with soldered edges are also available. These decorations play with the light, through the transparency of the shell.


Our Pose line fits well with the autumn. Pose products have a soft and dreamy appearance. Quiet and fairytale, often shiny with chic golden accents in a subtle combination with bright white and subtle shades. Again you will see the ginko leaf pattern, sometimes also on the inside of the bowl. The wood is light gemilina wood, with subtle, golden lines – kintsugi -. Sometimes these lines become more solid and they look more like tiles, as with our new capiz with tiles design.