Simple, matte with straight lines, that is the right description of the new Kinta ceramics line. Only a few shiny accents where the design needs it. The sleek look of this crockery set combines very naturally with our wood collection and collection of table accessories. It is all handmade and especially developed for and by us.


Pastel. Kinta’s Pastel line consists of a series of (especially lightwood) products, characterized by their dreamy, watercolour-like tints. With their ‘spring chic’ they definitely announce the coming of spring.


The products in our Glitch line are summer all over. Bright, lemon yellow and green colours which smile at you in a cheerful and playful way.


Kinta’s wooden Hammam products look as if they come straight from an Asian bath house. A lovely place where you can relax, have a soothing time-out and feel wonderful in a clean and fresh atmosphere. Exclusively made from natural materials and easily combined with green plants.


Kinta’s Budweizer line found its inspiration in the gym. Sportive because of the use of bold colours, rough materials (among other things rucksacks) and geometric details (Olympic coloured rings at the top of our wooden bowls) are the characteristics which best describe our line. Blue colours especially are combined with brown, orange and red tints.


When we developed Kinta’s Japan line we found our inspiration in Japanese rice bowls and lampions. The small wooden bowls come in four sizes and the capiz lamps in five different shapes